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Which Caribbean Island is for you?

So you've decided on the Caribbean. Exciting! When it comes to crowd-pleasing destinations, few offer as many diverse experiences as the Caribbean-a fact that means choosing the perfect island destination can overwhelm even the most self-assured and decisive of travelers. Which island is best? The answer all depends on which type of traveler you are, and what you're looking for in an island vacation. Are you an adventure-seeker? A beach bum? A food obsessive? A value hunter? Your significant other? Pair those preferences with the right island, and you've got a match made in oceanfront heaven.

Caribbean travel specialist

Jamaica Luxury with its own private island!

From the island's finest farm-to-table cuisine to heart-pounding recreation to on-island treks to Jamaica's most renowned attractions. Because giving you more is what this all-inclusive hideaway is all about. Book your stay today!

My greatest thanks goes out to my AWESOME travel agent Stacey. My 5 year anniversary trip with my husband consisted of a couple first for us both.. First time flying, first time being outta the country and first time doing any trip all inclusive. Stacey was amazing in all the help she offered. Not only did she take care of all this, she took care of us. Being sure we understood the entire process from printing the confirmation, to boarding, documents needed and even tips on what to do to protect us in the event of losing any documentation. She was really a blessing. We had an issue upon arrival at the resort and in contacting her, it was taken care of immediately. I highly suggest to anyone planning to travel to use her. The resort she booked us at was as we expected and she had explained. The staff was so courteous, the room was fabulous and the culture and food was amazing. I hope these pictures help in showing a touch of the beautiful culture that so many fear experiencing. It was beyond worth it!!!!

Either on your Honeymoon or just a getaway, romance is a MUST!

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